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There are some reasons why you may choose to visit Prohealth Chiropractic. Prohealth Chiropractic is a Maryland Chiropractor, located in Montgomery County.  As you get older, you may be suffering from chronic pain in your shoulders, neck, or back. You may have suffered from a sports injury or even a work-related injury. Maybe you were diagnosed with a musculoskeletal disorder like scoliosis. Maybe you were injured in an automobile accident, and you need to see what kind of damage the accident had on your spine to get the compensation that you deserve from your case. No matter what your motivation for visiting, the Prohealth Chiropractic new patient sign up system will help your chiropractor diagnose your problems and come up with the best, individualized treatment plan for you.

When you enter, you’ll be welcomed with a warm greeting from Prohealth’s receptionist. She will ask you if you are a current patient or a new patient. Upon learning that you are a new patient, she will ask if anyone referred you. This gives you a chance to help your friend who referred you out a little bit with the cost of his treatment. Much like any other medical office, you will need to fill out some forms and answer some questions to help move the diagnosis along smoothly. You may see some questions like, “What brings you in?” and “Where are you experiencing pain or discomfort?”

Once you have filled out the forms, a chiropractor will bring you back to discuss your situation in fuller detail. He will ask you questions about how your injury occurred, how long you have been experiencing pain, how severe the pain is, and what you have been doing so far to relieve the pain you are feeling. Once he has asked you these questions, he will most likely suggest a series of x-rays to discover what is going on with your spine. He may also suggest doing a test to see how tense individual muscles surrounding your back are working. The x-rays and the muscle tension tests will help him determine the cause of the pain.

The Outcome

Once your chiropractor has gotten the results of these tests back, he will work with you to generate an individualized treatment plan that will work with your schedule. Your chiropractor will likely suggest some specialized treatments including traction, spinal adjustment, massage therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Once you have begun treatment, you should continue to ask questions about how each treatment should be affecting you. If you do not like a particular treatment or you, feel as if it is not working, then you should bring up your concerns during your visit with your chiropractor. He is there to help, so he will do whatever he can do to ease the process and make you feel relaxed with your treatments.

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