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Learning Proper Land Development Through Comedy

With the growing needs for housing and meeting our dietary needs, land development is an issue that can’t be ignored. Even when countries around the world talk about improving their infrastructure and grounding new projects, land will always be an issue to discuss on the table. There is need to have rich agricultural land that will support crop and animal farming for human sustainability. Whether for agriculture, real estate or commercial use, land development should be managed well if at all it is going to benefit the people depending on it. Though land development is a topic rarely spoken about, comedy is a fun way that can create interest in learning matters to do with land.


Every country has a concerned ministry or department that deals with matters to do with land development. If you work in such an organization and wish to enlighten people on the issue, you can consider getting a comedian to help you in your mission. Areas that you can target visiting include workplaces or colleges and universities because most students are the next generation that will want to acquire property. When you get an appointment to visit your target audience, hire a comedian to entertain the attendants while addressing important aspects of land development. These can include things like plans, access to utilities and adhering to local or state regulations that apply to developing land.


It is important that the people you will be talking to understand that land development initially comes with a plan. Plans are normally outlined for proposed economic use of land in the future. Projects may range from a factory complex, a shopping mall or community apartments.


If an individual has a draft for a future project, the proposed plan should be submitted to the city, county, state and federal governments to get necessary sign-offs and approvals. This is the entitlement process that permits use of the property. When developing land, a developer should ensure service connectivity to municipal utility services such as roads, external lighting, water, drainage canals and sewer system.


When a land developer starts a project on raw land, he/she adds value to it. Land development can therefore be a profitable venture if the entitlement process is well implemented. A successful project is when the acquired land is sold to building contractors, investors paid and profits realized. Other than maximizing profits, land developers will work towards minimizing risks and managing cash flow. Raw land development needs professional expertise from developers who have experience in that field.


To a newbie, issues to do with land development may seem complicated but learners and prospective developers or land owners can learn the process of valuing raw land and get the most out of it. When educating learners or interested individuals on land development, you can make use of comedy to explain aspects that seem hard to understand. You can visit comedians to hire the services of a brilliant stand up comedian who will entertain your audience and use his talent to tackle hard topics and tickle the audience.


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