Jennifer Jackson/ July 8, 2016/ Health

The numbers on recent statistics covering the Human Immunodeficiency Virus brings about the necessity of regular HIV Testing so as to make everyone aware of their health status at all times and to help in creating time for those who find out to be infected to begin  medication for longer healthier lives. HIV Testing is an imperative move to be able to correctly react to the expanding pandemic of HIV virus.

At the moment, the global health body, Centre for Disease Control recommends that people should carry out a routine HIV testing especially if you fall between the ages of thirteen to sixty four years old. They want to make sure that HIV testing gets to become part of any other screening encounter like that which is done for any other viral disease in a health care facility.

HIV-testingWhen it comes to carrying out testing for HIV virus, there is some kind of unofficial stigma which is directed to the whole process. This stigma is what prevents very many people from going to get tested and thus knowing their health status. People need to know that HIV virus poses a great threat to life especially if left untreated as it can cause death in quite a short time if untreated. As such, if there were something which is very convenient such as home testing kits available, then very many people would try it and it would also greatly reduce the number of deaths caused by untreated HIV virus cases.

Making HIV testing kits available in many health facilities and even in pharmaceutical stores is a very important move. If a person fails to know that they have the HIV Virus, which means that it would stay untreated for a period of time which will make it to cause the AIDS disease. When the HIV virus infection is discovered at a very early stage, treatment could be carried out to ensure that it does not cause AIDS which can only be done after one has undergone HIV testing. This is the stage when it is clear that HIV home testing kits are very important as one would not have to go to a doctor to know their health status. They could just carry out the test on their own at home and know their status.

The process of carrying out a HIV test on your own at home is only taking a drop of blood from a clean figure then put it on the testing kit and you will have your results in ten minutes. The testing kit is extremely safe to use and you are guaranteed the correct results as they are very accurate. The HIV test works in checking the blood for any HIV antigens. These antigens can only be detectable after three months of infection. It is very important to take a test to know your health status and stay healthy.

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