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Every girl wants to get fit and beautiful, and if possible, have tons of fun while exercising. Thanks to pole dancing fitness, girls can finally tone up their body and increase their confidence with ease. Pole dancing is a fantastic combination of acrobatics, muscle-building, and toning exercises and it is as effective as a gym workout, just with twice more fun! Like every other sport or dance, pole dancing greatly benefits to your physical and emotional health, precisely because it incorporated the best elements of dancing, acrobatics, and aerobics. When you have in mind everything we just mentioned, it’s no wonder Montgomery County girls love it!

What is Pole Dancing Fitness?

As we said, pole dancing is so much more than merely twirling, bending and posing on a pole. Pole dancing consists of compound exercises and routines that are not easy to do. Since this class incorporates elements of aerobics in it, you’ll basically be doing a cardio and strength workout at the same time which is not easy at all. Cardio workouts make your heart rate go up and improve your stamina, while strength exercises will build up your muscles and tone up your body.


During the exercise, your heart will actively pump up the blood, improve your circulation and oxygenate the cells. The intensive workout will cause the fats in your body to break down and get used as an energy source, causing you lose calories and degrade your cellulitis. If you are overweight, with pole dancing fitness, you’ll lose weight in no time.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

Since this performance art combines an amazing set of exercises that will affect your whole body, your health and immunity will drastically increase over time. Your muscles, especially in the back, upper and lower extremities, will be perfectly toned. If you have back problems like suffer from scoliosis, kyphosis, and similar conditions, pole dancing classes will help you improve your posture and strengthen your back muscles. Your stance won’t look like a round-shouldered slouch ever again!


Climbing the pole is not at all easy as it may seem. It will probably take a while before you master climbing it, especially if you have problems with your weight. Pole dancing classes will help you to lose your weight fast and learn to carry your own weight confidently.

Boost Your Confidence

Without a doubt, increased self-esteem is one of the main advantages of pole dancing. This sport will help you discover, unleash and embrace your sexuality, as well as it will teach you to love your body and always feel good in your skin.

Who Can Try Out Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing classes are open for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or older, you just need to be confident in yourself and embrace your body and sexuality. Our classes are attended by young girls, moms, and even men. Everybody is welcome! The classes are being attended for health, fitness reasons and fun. Women love the classes because it makes them feel strong, confident and empowered. If you’re from Miami and liked what you read, you can start attending pole dancing classes Miami immediately at Milan Pole Dance Studio.

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