John Moy/ September 23, 2016/ Health

There are many reasons why you may need to search for an amazing chiropractic office like Prohealth Chiropractic near Rockville, MD. Some people seek out a great chiropractic treatment center because they have a musculoskeletal disorder like scoliosis.   Scoliosis is the lateral curve in the spine. If you look at a person’s spine from the back, the spine should look straight, but in a person diagnosed with scoliosis, the spine looks to curve out toward the side where it should not.

Chronic Pain

Other people may try to find the best chiropractic center in the area because they struggle with chronic lower back pain. Lower back pain is something that a large number of Americans suffer from every day. There are many causes of the lower back pain we feel including poor posture, largely sedentary lifestyles, bad mattresses, and poor lifting techniques. No matter what the cause of your lower back pain, Prohealth Chiropractic is a great place to get the problem diagnosed and to determine the best treatment plan.

There are also many people who visit Prohealth Chiropractic near Rockville because of a sports injury. While some sports injuries (particularly those involving limbs) may not be best diagnosed at a chiropractic office, some injuries fall within the expertise of a chiropractor. If you injure your back during a lifting competition, fall on your back during soccer practice, or have tight muscles in your neck for unknown reasons, then a chiropractor can get the x-rays you need to see what is going on with your spine. They can also run tests to see where your muscle tension is the highest, which can help them further identify the problem. Even if the injury does not fall within your chiropractor’s expertise, he can offer up some advice for treatment. Some chiropractors will even refer you to massage therapy or physical therapy for certain types of injuries.

The other big reason why people visit Prohealth Chiropractic is because they were recently in a car accident. When you are in a car accident, no matter how minor it was, you are going to suffer from some skeletal misalignment and some muscle tension. A chiropractor can help you identify where your spine is knocked out of alignment, and he can develop a treatment plan to realign or adjust your spine.

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