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Employee screening is important to help achieve organization objective. A good employee screening company offers the trustworthy information n. This way you are likely to avoid high risky employee, in the end you will improve safety, and in the end they can know if the employee that seems so qualified is really suitable for the task being given. It is therefore a cost to consider relative to the cost of hiring a risky employee that would create a greater loss.

It is in the interest of the company and the prospective employee to have their criminal records checked. If an employee has been convicted before for a crime, it is important to know especially if the job they are applying for puts them at risk of committing the crime in question. It can be a basis to know the risk you take when you assign an employee certain responsibilities.

It is not good to have information about your company being pilfered and being put in the wrong hands and being put in the wrong hands or in the public domain. Screening can help you determine employee that can pilfer your information leaving you exposed to the risk of losing business. If you want to improve your business, you should definitely know some hr roles.

pre-employmentFinding the best employee is always in the interest of the employer. Fast employment screening can help to verify the information contained in the resume of a person so that you make an honest judgment. This saves time during the hiring process giving you enough time to orient and get down working.

Employee screening for drugs, substance and alcohol abuse is very important for competence check. Most workplace environment requires a person to be sober to achieve the desired results. There is likelihood of error when making under the influence of drugs. Sometimes there is even risk of accident or even creation of a scene. Alcohol and drug screening as simple as they are can save you all that risk.

Drug and alcohol screening can help you be certain that your employee will not lose a lot of the work day. Loss of above 4% of the work day has been attributed to alcohol. Also loss of above 9% of the work day has been attributed to harder illicit drugs. Therefore screening can be useful in making sure that these loses of the workday are avoided.

Alcohol and drug addictions impair the focus of a person. It is therefore important to know if your prospective employee is addicted despite proving to be competent in the area of employment. If they are affected by addiction, it would be worth giving it a deeper thought. This should be so especially if the job that is being reflected on requires a person to be highly focused to achieve results.

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