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It’s the era of the internet. Everyone is online these days. Think of all the things you can do with the internet around. Talk of surfing, shopping, studying and the like. While you are only doing several of these, so many people out there are actually utilizing this online potential. Business is shifting from offline to offline and so is marketing. Being a small firm isn’t enough excuse to not optimize your site. It simply means that you don’t want to make profits. That’s where your customers are and for that matter your money. In the same field are the big companies; your competitors. To beat them and get your share, you need to adopt certain specific Melbourne SEO tips. Check them out

  1. Nice looking site design

    Best websites are not clogged with ads and unarranged images or videos. They are on the contrary, organized to attract more traffic. The ladies who know the tricks always find best men. It’s not a must that you wear new and trending outfits to look fancy. It’s about being neat. Am sure you too love neatness. How you structure your site matters a lot. Are the visitors able to navigate through it? Is the content relevant? Are the keywords matching your brand? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself. A common mistake being made these days is the addition of many images and videos which is actually great. However, these need to be described for easy Google crawling. Text content is also best for search engine rankings.

  2. Keywords options

    When you make entries on Google search, it brings out a list of options. Well, if you open all the listed websites, not all are big companies. You will be surprised to find some small firms up there. What did they do to get there? The answer is a simple one. They did their keyword research and came up with their fitting ones. Knowing what words your visitors are likely to use when goggling your site will be the best way to go.  Discovering your unique keywords puts the competition out of the game.  Sharing keywords with big competitors is the thief of traffic.
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  3. Social media presents an opportunity; take it

    Different online platforms are available for marketers. The social media like twitter and Facebook are among the best. Being active on these platforms creates some form of authority that search engines don’t just ignore. Where you get likes, many comments and your content is shared frequently, you have proved your point; people like you. Search engines will have to like you as well.

  4. Proceed with moderation

    We tend to think that so much of something may work while we know deeply that never works. Keyword stuffing has been a common problem these days. Over posting on the social media can also be disturbing. Know the timing and the right moderate number of keywords that explain it all.

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